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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wedding planning in Rome

The road to wedding planning in Rome seems as thought it has been longer than the path to finding an Italian husband. The endless appointments at City Hall offices, the notorizations, the sworn statements, more notorizations, and the waiting with witnesses at the tribunal and the embassy, have been an un-romantic and unexpected part of the process. Even more unexpected however was the difficulty of finding a wedding dress in such a fashion conscious city as Rome. First there was the salesclerk that refused to assist me and ordered us to return in a few months because she felt 6 months was too far in advance to shop for a gown; then there were the 2 saleswoman who kicked my friend and I out of the shop for speaking English to each other, and then finally the atelier that had sample sizes only for runway models.  Then along came Sister Maria Laura from the monastery of St. Rita in Cascia located in Umbria.

Please check out my article in Wanted in Rome magazine about shopping for my wedding dress at a second-hand dress depot, a charity run by Agostinian nuns in the hills of Umbria. -article link

The 20th Century Basilica of St. Rita in Cascia where the saints' incorrupt remains can be found.

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  1. Hey I am also getting married very soon and I am planning to book a cool vow renewal location in Rome. Rome is very pretty place to get married. I have seen your article “Wanted in Rome”. It’s really awesome dear!! Thanks for sharing.