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Friday, December 19, 2014

Gift ideas: Creative craft jewelry in Rome

The Romans have long been known for the ornate way they present themselves. A tradition that began with the Etruscans and their finely engraved gold and bronze jewelry.  Fine jewelry making is a custom that is still alive and well in Rome, providing excellent opportunities to find hand-made, personal and luxurious holiday gifts and souvenirs from the eternal city.

Please check out my article on the Context Travel blog that features some local artisans and what they are creating this season.

Creative jewelry made from ancient and modern coins from around the world, featured by Moedas Vazadas, one of many stands at the Mercato Mont, a vintage and artisanal market located near the Coliseum at Metro Cavour 

Jewelry maker Massimo Nocerino in front of his boutique on Via Francesco Crispi near the Spanish Steps


  1. Did wearing certain types of jewelry make a social statement?

    1. Throughout the ages, in ancient times and today, jewelry can be understood as a reflection or projection of one's social and economic status.