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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Details on the priceless Michelangelo painting found in Buffalo

The story about an Italian Renaissance painting owned by a Buffalo resident and its questionable attribution to Michelangelo, I've covered in bits and pieces in The Buffalo News and New York Post.  Most recently, in correspondence with the timing of Oprah Winfrey's coverage of the story on her OWN Network, here is an excerpt from my most detailed account of the Michelangelo claim from Wanted in Rome magazine:

While the city of Rome and Vatican this year celebrated the 500th Anniversary of Michelangelo's completion of the Sistine Chapel frescos, a New York State resident is also celebrating Michelangelo and the approaching authentication of a rare 470-year old painting the owner stored under his couch.  Italian scholars in several disciplines have compiled a catalog of scientific evidence supporting Martin Kober from Buffalo, NY and his claim that his 63X48cm wooden panel is an original Michelangelo...

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