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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beer! Yet another Italian speciality

Long considered a country of fine wine, Italy is forthwith making serious encroachments on the craft beer industry. Adding shellfish and native clams to oyster stouts, local fruits such as chestnuts and grapes to the fermenting process and even substituting fermented malt in making tiramisu, several small-industry artisanal beer producers are turning Rome into a locus for creative beer production and consumption.

An excerpt from my recent article on craft beer coming of age in Rome:

Thanks to a small group of creative and industrious craft brewers, the city of Rome has become the crux of a fast growing trend in the experimentation, production, marketing and consumption of original beer. In a country once considered almost exclusively dedicated to sophisticated wine manufacture, a handful of "home-brewers" have sparked a revolution while ardently devoting creative energies to "the other beverage."

For the full article and to learn where to find fine beer in Rome, see the article listed under the publications tab.

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