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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A bit of Buffalo in Rome

An excerpt from an article that I wrote recently published in The Buffalo News concerning a current exhibition on Renaissance art in Rome:

The color preparation. The sophisticated palette. The tiny brush strokes and minute changes in detail.
Those are the telltale signs, according to one of Italy's most esteemed art conservators, that a painting depicting a fallen Jesus in Mary's arms and flanked by two angels -- stashed under a couch for 25 years outside Rochester and now owned by a City of Tonawanda man -- might be a genuine Michelangelo.

An exhibition held at the Sciarra Palace flaunts hundreds of Renaissance masters’ paintings, sketches, portraits, and sculptures and examines the influence of the greatest among Renaissance men, Raphael and Michelangelo. Perhaps the most famous of all the exhibited works is a painting found in Buffalo that was restored by the philanthropy hosting the exhibition and is now believed to be an original Michelangelo.

To read the full article on “The Pieta of Buffalo” find it listed in the Publications tab.

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  1. Really interesting how art conservators analyze every possible detail with extensive scientific examination and all the signs leading to it being a Michelangelo.